Greetings turophiles! This month, we have selected the Tomme de Savoie as our star of the YYCheese platter. The complex Tomme de Savoie has no real cognates among Canadian offerings and, for that reason alone, it’s one to search out and experience – one does not merely try this cheese, but rather experiences it. Tomme is made from raw milk and has a beautiful and intriguing sour yogurt tase that entices you to continue the experience. Tomme posses notes of grass, fresh cream and nuts. You can also find some citrus or mushroom flavours, but they are not always present depending on the age by the time it reaches your plate.

Created in the mountainous Savoie region of France, Tomme is an alpine cheese though not an alpine-style cheese. Unlike its cousins from the region, it is not made into a giant wheel nor is it brushed with brine during ageing. The rind is inedible but so crucial for determining the quality of the cheese. It should be thick and have a dark-brown hue with undertones of grey. It can have spots of yellow, white or red mould, which indicates a quality cheese. If made with summer milk, the paste can have a deep golden hay colour and if made from winter milk, it will be more of a light ivory colour.

Like any French cheese, enjoy Tomme with fresh French bread and a medium-bodied red from the Upper Rhone. Add some French charcuterie – something with walnuts would be lovely and complement the cheese’s natural nuttiness. The sherry walnut from Empire Provisions would suit quite well. Enjoy!