word of mouth: 2019 Jan/Feb issue

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WOW! Not just in Canada, but in Calgary!

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition.

For only the second time in the history of the event, Canada has been selected to host the prestigious 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition. The competition, open to young cooks under the age of 27, will be held September 20, 2019, in Calgary and will be hosted and sponsored by the Canadian National “Bailliage” (Chapter) of La Chaine des Rôtisseurs. This supports and promotes future young chefs. The
young chefs come from all over the world and they are given four hours to compose a menu and prepare a three-course meal for four using ingredients presented in a “black box.” They are judged on taste, presentation, originality and kitchen technique. For details on the society and competition, visit chainedesrotisseurs.com

Delicious organic pasta

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 43rd Angela’s Fresh Organic Pasta

Angela’s Fresh Organic Pasta is made by Angela Ross and her crew in Invermere, BC, and it’s available in Blush Lane Aspen and Bridgeland markets, plus Save on Foods in Canmore, and all over BC. This great pasta is 100% certified organic, made with natural semolina flour and spring water, no preservatives or eggs and all ingredients are non-GMO. Semolina flour is very digestible and light, a perfect option for people with gluten intolerance. It does not contain cholesterol, saturated fats or trans fats, it has a high protein content and is low in fat. Semolina flour is rich in fiber and contains calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, magnesium and loads of antioxidants. Fresh, delicious pasta for a balanced diet. Visit angelaspasta.com for all the tasty details.

Washable paper made in Italy….

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Uashmama

Washable paper? It’s called Uashmama and pronounced washmama and made by an Italian who worked in the leather shoe industry and created a sustainable product similar to the process of manufacturing fine Italian leather. Washable paper is made using a virgin fiber through cultivation and not deforestation. The bags are soft yet resilient, where the manufacturing process is similar to leather as the paper is “tanned and stretched” using a vegan method and natural vegetable dyes, making it durable to withstand washing and daily use. Their use is limited only by one’s imagination – bread, flowers, plants, storage
around the house or as a tote for trips to the market. Find them at Savour Fine Foods in Inglewood. Visit uashmama.ca for all the interesting details.

Strong food trends for 2019

This from Axiom Foods, a Los Angeles-based company involved in clinical trials, education and affecting change in the global food supply, and one of the largest plant protein makers in the U.S. and one of the largest makers of yellow pea protein. Here’s what they say about what’s coming down the high way in 2019. Trend #1, Larger variety of non-dairy milks; Trend #2, More neutral and higher-concentrated plant proteins; Trend #3, Intestinal biomes and healing foods; Trend #4, Tailoring maillard reactions to get specific animal protein flavours; Trend #5, Improved absorption rate of plant proteins.

Modern Steak Downtown is now open!

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Modern Steak Logo

Famous for owning its own prize-winning Black Angus Bull and only serving Ranch Specific Alberta, Modern Steak has opened its second location on Calgary’s busy Stephen Avenue. The restaurant has taken up residence in the historical Imperial Bank building, formerly home to Catch Oyster Bar. Watch for the same amazing feature nights as the original Kensington location, like Date Night Wednesday where two can dine for $78, Half Price Wine Thursdays and $99 Tomahawk Sundays. Also be sure to check out Bar Modern on the main floor. A brand new, casual meat-centric cocktail bar concept that expands the Alberta Beef-focused menu to include 4K pork, Sungold lamb and Kingsland Chicken. Beautiful, up-tempo and value driven, this is sure to be a hotspot. See you there!

Clean, safe, local lettuce

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Inspired Greens

Inspired Greens in Coaldale, AB, lives by “clean means clean” with its greenhouse-grown lettuce varieties grown with triple-filtered water in a closed,  environmentally safe and secure environment, with plants untouched by human hands from seed to harvest. Available in grocery stores across western
Canada. The Palate’s publisher/editor buys them all the time at Co-op stores, because that’s where she shops for lots of food. Visit inspiredgreens.ca for more information.

Read These

Taste Canada Award Winners…

October is cookbook month and every year Taste Canada awards Canada’s best cookbooks and food blogs. This year, the culinary narratives’ gold went to Vikram Vij’s VIJ, silver went to Rod Phillips’ 9000 Years of Wine, a world history. The general cookbooks gold went to Lynn Crawford’s Farm to Chef and the silver to Aimée Wimbush-Bourque’s The Simple Bites Kitchen. The regional/cultural cookbooks gold went to Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller’s Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip and silver went to Rod Butters’ The Okanagan Table: The Art of Everyday Home Cooking. Single subject cookbooks awarded gold to Renée Kohlman’s All the Sweet Things and silver to Kristy Gardner’s Cooking with Cocktails. Health and special diet cookbooks awarded gold to Greta Podleski’s Yum & Yummer and silver to Laura Wright’s The First Mess Cookbook. Taste Canada also awards French language cookbooks and blogs.

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Growing Winter Food Cover

Growing Winter Food: How to grow, harvest, store and use produce for the winter months, by Linda Grey, Fox Chapel Publishing. This won’t be out until March, but it sure does look like a good and useful book, filled with beautiful pictures and lots of good advice on things like making the most of your garden, including when to plant vegetables, herbs and fruits, and when to harvest them. AND, specific vegetables, herbs and fruits affected by bugs and other problems and how to help prevent. Interestingly, it says kale doesn’t have any known problems! Plant lots of kale, it’s good for us! Great recipe ideas, too.

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Cooking For Friends, Cover

Cooking For Friends, by David Wood (Whitecap Books, $34.95, soft cover), the owner of the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company who says: “Food is much more than nourishment. It opens a Pandora’s box full of doors, to variety and excitement, memory, comfort, texture, and flavour, and most of all to the company and conversation of good friends.” Like while eating Polenta and Mushroom Ragout.

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary Word of Mouth 2019-01-02 Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else!, Cover

Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else! By Lisa Sharon Belkin (Friesen Press, Victoria, BC, soft cover, $34.49; hard cover, $47.49). How to eat after weight-loss – bariatric – surgery, which the author had, so she knows. Her recipes are so you don’t regain and also eat well.