Being a foodie in a city like Calgary is a blessing and a curse. We’re blessed with so many innovative chefs and restaurants to choose from. And we’re cursed with the feeling we should always be out with the innovative chefs and restaurants. Sometimes you just want to go to the pub with your friends and drink beer and think about things other than terroir. Fortunately, there’s some pretty good pub grub in this town too!

The (relatively) new Dublin Calling on 17th. Ave. and 37th St. S.W. is one such joint. Just because you’re shooting pool (or baskets) and listening to a rock cover band, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some good libations as well. General manager Chris Burchnall says the idea of the pub is to offer a place for friends to come, have some fun, listen to some music, play some games, drink and eat some great food.

The menu is pretty expansive with all of the traditional pub fare you’d expect. There are, however, a few standouts worth mentioning.

The wings are gluten free, big, juicy and delicious. We had them naked and would go back just for those beauties.

The shepherd’s pie bites are an awesome take on a pub classic. I mean, who needs forks?

Finally, the Reuben sandwich was a real treat. Beautifully toasted and heaping with smokey, savoury beef and cheese. We’d have it with the fries as those were pretty great too.

We recommend going for lunch on the weekend or after work appies as Dublin Calling can, apparently, get pretty raucous on weekends.