When most people meet their match online, we’re talking romance. But for Stephen Deere (Modern Steak) and Justine Berry, the love was a purely platonic passion for grass-fed beef.

“We actually met on Instagram,” laughs Berry, a second-generation rancher at Flaghill Ranch near Craigmyle in south-central Alberta. “We started following them, they started following us and we soon learned our visions were very-much aligned and that we wanted to work together.”

Consumers are asking more questions about what they eat.

In a unique program of ranch-specific offerings, Modern Steak buys entire animals from partner ranches like Flaghill, allowing customers to experience different cuts and preparations of an animal that was pasture-raised, humanely kept and certified organic. While the typical steak cuts are used in the day-to-day operations at Modern Steak, the restaurant is hosting “Meet the Rancher” dinners that feature something different. The June 1st dinner featuring Flaghill offered sausage and cabbage rolls made with Flaghill beef as well as a smoked brisket, a slow-roasted outside round and a herb-and-garlic cross-rib roast. Berry says Modern Steak’s commitment to local, pasture-raised beef reflects a shift in dining preferences.

“Consumers are asking more questions about what they eat and want to know where their food comes from,” she says. “There was a time when the effort and commitment we put into humane treatment, organic standards and grass feeding wouldn’t have been noticed. Now, people want to know and we’re proud to be able to tell them our story.” Future Meet the Rancher events can be found at modernsteak.ca.