Cool as a cucumber salad

The family-owned Belberry Company has been making preserves in a small Belgian town for 60 years. The Belgian royal family selected it as a preferred vendor and lent it their seal of approval (that’s not just a figure of speech when you’re royalty). Belberry makes lots of traditional jam and jelly but the selection of vinegar flavours is playfully innovative and includes Black Currant, Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Tomato, Red Bell Pepper, Cameroon Mango, Kalamansi Citrus, Fresh Lime and Green Cucumber. The Green Cucumber makes a powerfully fresh salad for summer. Mix 1/2 bottle vinegar and 3 T. honey in a large bowl. Cut 6 baby cucumbers into lengthwise strips and put them in the bowl with 2 c. honeydew or cantaloupe melon cubes. Toss to coat evenly. Roll 6-10 slices Parma ham into florets and arrange them with cucumbers and melon cubes on a bed of greens. Sprinkle with crumbled Stilton cheese and whole walnuts. Dab with apricot jam, drizzle with a bit more honey. Enjoy as a way to stay cool this summer.