From Ellen Kelly

2010 Jul/Aug

This serious sandwich hails from New Orleans and makes the perfect picnic fare.

There are no hard and fast ingredients, but I usually get everything I need at an Italian market. Start with a large crusty Italian loaf (Urban Baker makes a fine Tuscan loaf) and slice it in half horizontally. Partially hollow the top and bottom of the bread out and spread each side with mustard, mayonnaise, Gloria vegetable spread or a combination of them all. Have at the ready an assortment of sliced meats (capicolo, mortadella, salami, smoked turkey, etc), sliced cheese, sliced red onion and tomato, artichoke hearts and a tangy olive salad. For the olive salad, you can buy a jarred product or choose something from the selection of antipasti ingredients at the market. Capers, roasted red pepper slivers, parsley and oregano, and olive oil are all good additions to the olive salad. (Don’t use olives with pits.) Layer the meat, cheese, vegetables and olive salad until you’ve filled the loaf, then press the two halves together. Wrap the whole thing up tightly in foil and let the muffuletta sit in the fridge until picnic time. Allow the sandwich to warm up a bit from fridge temp for more fulsome flavours. Serves 6 to 8.