Beer Cocktails

2009 Sep/Oct

If you’re not quite ready to pair beer with food, try pairing beer with other liquids. While some beer purists criticize the idea of mixing something into your beer, there is a long history of beer cocktails. In fact, one of the great beer styles, porter, was originally a mixture of three beers. So next time you’re in the mood for something new, try one of these “beertails”:

Black and Tan – equal parts of stout and pale ale. If you pour this one carefully, you can even keep the two parts separate, with the stout floating on top of the pale ale

Broadway – beer and cola

Black Bart – dark beer and cola

Caribbean Night – beer with coffee liqueur

South Wind – beer with melon liqueur

Red Eye – lager with tomato juice (and for the adventuresome, a
raw egg cracked into it). For a Canadian twist, use Clamato
instead of tomato juice

Shandy – ale and ginger beer

Limon Lager – light lager with
lime juice

Snakebite – beer and cider

Black Velvet – dry stout and champagne

Nut ‘n’ Honey – nut brown ale
and mead

Depth Charge – drop a shot glass of whiskey (including the glass) into a pint of beer (watch your teeth as you drink the pint!)

Submarino – beer with a shot
of tequila

Steel Bottom – light beer with a shot of light rum

Reboot – whatever beer happens to be in the fridge mixed with the hair of whatever dog you were drinking last night