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by Wanda Baker

Century old folk remedy rediscovered

Elderberries have been a folk remedy for centuries in North America, Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. The medicinal benefits of these berries are being investigated and rediscovered. They are known for their antioxidant activity, helping fight viral infections, coughs, colds and boosting the immune system. Catalina Llano started her journey brewing organic elderberries with a combination of organic herbs and spices in 2012 in St. Albert for friends and family. The popularity and community interest lead her to create Feel Good Syrup and start marketing it across Alberta. Try this syrup in smoothies, kombucha, cocktails, ice teas, milkshakes and even sorbets.

Feel Good Syrup, Amaranth Whole Foods Market, SPUD Home Delivery, $19.99

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Feel Good Syrup

Tea with the masters

With a great grandfather who was a tea merchant in Wales, it appears Ted Jones was destined to open a tea shop. In 1993 opportunity knocked when he found a location in Inglewood, opening the first tea shop in Calgary, called Tea Trader. A flight of stairs takes you into a world of tea and accessories with a variety of teas from areas within India, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan and Kenya. The herbal infusions and rooibos are from South Africa. They make their own blends and will customize blends for customers. Imagine enjoying your tea in one of the McIntosh Fine Bone China Tea Mugs featuring both Canadian Artists like Emily Carr and World Artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. These mugs are available at Tea Trader and appeal to the artist in all of us.

Old Masters Fine Bone China Tea Mug with Infuser & Lid, Canadian Masters Fine Bone China Grande Mug, Tea Trader, $32

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Old Masters Fine Bone China
City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Primal Soups
City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Primal Soups

Happiness in a bowl

Margaret Nemeth has the ability to take a favourite comfort food and turn it into a delicious tasting soup. Known for opening a former coffee shop in downtown Calgary to later buying a building and creating Primal Grounds Café in southwest Calgary, Margaret has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Seven years ago, she closed her café as the land was sold, and became the soup lady with Primal Soup in Market on Macleod and, later, Crossroads Market. Her many-flavoured soups are made using local ingredients and based on her own gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle. All soups are made in a commercial kitchen with her own chef. After constant friendly harassment from former café customers, Margaret took over a space in the Crossroads Market and re-launched Primal Grounds Café making a 7-year comeback and planning to open a new 2,000 sq foot location in Glamorgan featuring all the favourites she is known for, including frozen gourmet soups to go and an outdoor patio.

1 Litre Primal Soups, Crossroads Market, Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market, Primal Grounds Café, $13 

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte

Sweeter than pumpkin spice

Add a festive touch to the table with the Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocottes. From oven to table these bake-and-serve dishes offer individual servings of soups, casseroles, vegetables, pasta dishes, stews or any of your favourite comfort food. The sky’s the limit, really, as we could even envision serving a colourful fall salad in these cocottes. Made of stoneware with a vitreous glass porcelain-enamel finish, they will not absorb moisture but do retain heat-keeping food hot on the coldest of days. These cute pumpkins are available in three sizes and three colours – orange, white or black.

Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte, Britannia Kitchen & Home and Zest Kitchenware, Dalhousie Station, $39.99-$299.99

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Fatso Peanut Butter

High performance peanut butter

In a market full of nut butters and healthier peanut butter options, Jill Van Gyn couldn’t find a peanut butter to suit her lifestyle. “I got tired paying high prices for a nut butter not offering a rich nutritional profile” says Jill. When she finally found something worth trying, she learned quickly it was failing miserably in the market. Jill did what any entrepreneurial spirt would do and bought the rights to the peanut butter, re-worked it with the help of a nutritionist, and created Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter. Fatso is all about good, nutritious, life-giving super fats made of organic coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, macadamia nut oil, organic chia seeds and organic flax. They add in a prebiotic fiber derived from tapioca providing a light sweet taste and high dose of fiber leaving it low on the glycemic index. We love the price and taste of this peanut butter and the fact it’s gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and Keto friendly.

Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter, Blush Lane Organic Market, $10.99

Drinkware built to last

YETI Coolers found their beginnings when two brothers combined their passion for the outdoors and the need for a durable, good looking and incredibly effective cooler. Following the success of the coolers and other items in the product line, they decided to channel their insulation expertise into portable bottles, creating the YETI Rambler Collection. These Ramblers are made with kitchen-grade stainless steel and have two walls of vacuum insulation to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold, plus a handle built into the leak-proof cap. They maintain the temperature of your drink. Ramblers are available in Tumblers, Bottles, Lowball Mugs, Cups and Colsters.

YETI Rambler Collection, Atmosphere, MEC, Cabela’s, $24.99 – $129.99

City Palate, guide to the good life in Calgary get this 2018 -09-10 Yeti Rambler Collection

Wanda Baker is a Calgary food writer and author of who writes about life, adventures and food.