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Big Summer Party on our patio!

About this Event

Ferragosto is an Italian holiday everyone loves. It usually marks the moment workers can take a break and starts their holidays. It is one of the warmest days and it’s tradition to head to the sea or having big family & friends lunches or trips.

We are gonna have a big event to follow the Italian vibes to enjoy together, as usual, the Real Italian Experience!

Samples from every department, big BBQ outside and Lina’s Farmers Market. Stand with special housemade lemonade and iced tea.

New fresh Cheese and Meats imported from Europe thanks to our Fly In Program, (you have to stop and try!!) and Housemade Sangria is the drink of our event too!


Then you’ll get the chance to meet a lot of local artists and local business we love to have here with us.

Why you cannot miss this? Cause there’s nothing like our happy events to enjoy a day with your family and to eat the best Italian food in Calgary!