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This could be the strangest event you’ll ever go to, but we think you will be in for a memorable experience so bear with us. Of the many critical conversations we will all have throughout our lifetime, few are as important as the ones discussing death–and not just the practical considerations, such as wills and advanced medical directives, but what we fear, what we hope, and how we want to be remembered. Yet few of these conversations are actually happening.

To change this, we’re bringing Michael Hebb, Founder of Death over Dinner and Partner at Round Glass to Calgary. We encourage you to join in, break bread and really discuss the one thing we have in common – mortality.

Is it uncomfortable? Hell yes! Is it necessary? Absolutely.

There are two things that are certain in life — death and taxes. With tax season over, let’s make one of them fun at least.

Why are we talking about death?

All of us can be lulled into believing we’ve got plenty of time until we don’t. Many Canadians are now living into their 90’s and even past 100 — some with quality, not just quantity — we think we have an excuse to procrastinate making our end-of-life wishes known. Death is important to reflect on, prepare for, and discuss with your family, regardless of whether you’re 18 years old, or 99 years old. “It’s always too soon until it’s too late”.

What can I expect?

This isn’t meant to be a morbid conversation, but a very human one, where attendees will consider what they want, both in life and during it’s close. By transforming the most difficult conversations into an opportunity, they become celebratory and meaningful–ways that not only can change the way we die, but the way we live. Our intent is to use food, wine and a keynote speaker to spark a conversation and get people talking — so we can lean into any fears we might have, get rid of inhibitions, and build deeper connections for a more fulfilling life.

What will we eat?

The Hyatt Calgary’s new Executive Chef, Geoffrey Miller has designed a 4-course meal to encourage conversation and satisfy your appetite. Expect a family-style affair with your seat-mates, with wine and booze to loosen the conversation. Come hungry and thirsty!