Chef Dave Bohati took a week off between leaving his position as corporate chef at Murrieta’s West Coast Bar and Grill and his new gig as executive chef of the Hawthorne Dining Room at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. But he didn’t rest idle. He took his girlfriend to Palm Desert and proposed to her at Joshua Tree. Fortunately, she joined the Fairmont in giving Bohati an enthusiastic yes. With a new fiancée and a new job, Chef Bohati bought a new car for the trifecta.

“When I change one thing in my life, I like to change a few things,” he says. “I think as human beings we need to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to grow.”

This foray into a worldwide hotel group’s  kitchen is something new for him, Bohati says he’s thrilled for the opportunity.

“Working for a major, prestige hotel is the only gap left in my career,” he says. “I selected this opportunity, I ran for it and I was thrilled to get it.”

Chef Bohati is not a newcomer to the Calgary food scene. Cooking in many well-known restaurants, such as Market, Teatro and Murrieta’s, Chef Bohati is celebrated for his creative approach to food by taking pride in finding new ways to elevate simple ingredients differently every time. No stranger to awards and recognition, Chef Bohati was recently named an ambassador for Canada Beef and travelled to Colombia and Mexico several times to showcase his take on food at exclusive events.

So, what does the chef have in store for the menu? Known for his use of fresh, local ingredients, Bohati says new menu is in the works for mid-September and will draw from his many years creating innovative food that is suitable for a single business diner or a group of 20 to share a meal. Of course, there are a few things he plans on keeping.

“Have you had the cinnamon toast crunch mille crepe?” he asks. (We have, and it’s amazing). “I couldn’t lose that, it’s just too good.” He also plans on keeping the endive salad, the ribeye steak and perhaps some others.

The Hawthorn has experienced a few bumps since opening as a new concept for the Fairmont Palliser this spring and the hotel has also hired Samuel Ross as the restaurant’s GM. Samuel Ross is a Calgary man with both a red seal and diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management from SAIT, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Resort Management from the University of Calgary. Ross started his hospitality leadership career as Assistant Banquet Manager and never looked back. His most recent positions were as both, the General Manager of the Westin Toronto Airport and the Area Manager of Operations at the Four Points Toronto Airport. Fairmont Palliser looks forward to welcoming Ross home and utilizing his broad skill set and experience within the industry.

“I’m thrilled to be coming back to Calgary,” says Ross, “working under the Fairmont Hotel & Resorts umbrella has always been a dream of mine.”

In the kitchen, Chef Bohati says he hopes his attention to detail and dedication to the whole experience of food will bring a new level of care for the craft to the kitchen and that his deep experience in what he calls “captain-style” leadership will inspire Hawthorn’s team to have ownership over quality and consistency.

“In the end we want to honour traditional ingredients and techniques and put a fresh spin on them so we’re doing something just a little bit differently than the guy down the street.”

Good luck to Chef Dave Bohati in his next culinary and matrimonial adventures!