Cover artist Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an award-winning Montreal-based artist and illustrator, working for clients in North America and Europe. He also exhibits his work regularly. Find him at


30 Poring over Wine
Calgary wine professionals talk wine books in-between popping corks
Tonya Lailey

32 A Pinot Primer
All about pinot noir and its mutant children
Shelley Boettcher

34 The Iron Sommelier
2 dishes, 3 sommeliers, 3 judges, and... oh, wow! 12 wines
Karen Anderson

40 Building and Stocking Wine Cellars
Shelley Boettcher

44 From the Farm to the Market...
Meet your local farmers
Don Clapson

48 Salad Pot Gardening
Get your salad greens going early... in pots on your balcony or deck
Ellen Kelly

50 All I Really Need To Know I Learned from the Food Network
Linda Kupecek

52 The Bitter Truth
Goose your drinks with a shot of bitters you made yourself
Karen Ralph

59 15 Things I Learned from my Culinary Adventure In India
City Palate’s Third Culinary Travel Grant recipient reveals the “real” India
Eden Hrabec



13 word of mouth
Notable culinary happenings around town

15 eat this
What to eat in May and June
Ellen Kelly

16 drink this
Redefining Chianti
Geoff Last

18 get this
Must-have kitchen stuff
Karen Anderson

20 one ingredient
Julie Van Rosendaal

24 feeding people
Meet the butcher
B.J. Oudman

26 the sunday project
Your own private tamalada
with Kevin Brooker

28 well matched
Made-in-heaven food and wine pairings
Jenni Neidhart and Metrovino

56 stockpot
Stirrings around Calgary

60 last meal
Keep it simple and seasonal
Geoff Last

62 back burner... shewchuk on simmer
The opposite of fun
Allan Shewchuk