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32 Eating Marrakech
Two weeks in the spice capital of the world.
Matthew Altizer

8 Eating Barcelona
We discovered that you can have a most excellent adventure and never leave the city.
Kathy Richardier

42 Eating St. Petersburg
A day spent investigating a Russian seed bank leaves the author and her husband plenty of time to investigate Russian food, drink and sights.
Jennifer Cockrall-King

46 Who Knew?
Richmond, B.C., has the best Chinese food outside of China.
Colleen Seto

8 Savoury Baking of the Mediterranean
Delicious discoveries of a new citizen in the world of baking.
Laura Di Lembo

2 Selling Cookware on Kijiji
Linda Kupecek

4 A White Gold Rush
This company makes some of the best cheese you’ll eat.
Karen Anderson

9 City Palate’s 20 for 20 Crossword Answers
And the winners!


13 word of mouth
Notable culinary happenings around town

15 eat this
What to eat in March and April
Ellen Kelly

16 drink this
Bulgarian wine
David Bransby-Williams

18 get this
Must-have kitchen stuff
Karen Anderson

20 one ingredient
Maple Syrup
Julie Van Rosendaal

24 feeding people
Unearthing history in search of the real couscous
Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

28 the sunday project
Making gnocchi and gnudi
with Nicole Gomes

56 stockpot
Stirrings around Calgary

60 last meal
Keep it simple and seasonal
Geoff Last

62 back burner... shewchuk on simmer
To see and be seen
Allan Shewchuk