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Good Old Liver and Bacon with a Twist

Jan/Feb 2010

From Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Dinners cookbook.

12 bacon slices

olive oil

small handful of fresh sage leaves

1-1/2 lbs. calves’ or lambs’ liver, trimmed of sinews and cut into strips


2 medium onions, sliced fine

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

4 T. red or white wine vinegar

4 T. butter

Get your biggest frypan nice and hot. Add the bacon, cook it until it’s nice and crisp on both sides, then remove it to a plate. Add a little olive oil to the bacon fat in the pan and sprinkle in the sage leaves. Cook them for 30 seconds. When crispy, sage leaves give the most fantastic flavour and texture. Remove them from the pan and reserve. Keep the pan hot.

Dust the liver with flour, shaking off the excess. Reserve. Put the onions in the hot pan with a good pinch of salt. Cook them until they soften, then remove them and reserve. Make sure the pan is hot, add a bit more olive oil, then fry the liver in batches over high heat for a minute on each side to caramelize it. Cook the liver until it’s still a little pink inside. Add the onion, sage and bacon to the pan with the vinegar, butter and all the liver. Season the liver to taste and serve it with potatoes mashed with horseradish and butter. Serves 4.