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Thank God It's Summer
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July/Aug 2014

Avec Bistro’s Barkeep Travis Whitney’s Hooch Cocktail:

Put a martini cocktail glass in your freezer or fridge to pre-cool it.

2 oz. Botanist gin

1 oz. black currant hooch, made according to Gail’s hooch-making recipe (Travis says it’s the best black currant liqueur he’s ever tried)

1 t. lemon juice

lemon peel, pith removed (garnish)

“Burn” the cocktail glass with St. George’s absinthe by rolling the interior of the glass with a small amount or by spraying with an atomizer. Pour out the absinthe.

Stir the ingredients together in a chilled shaker glass to avoid watering them by stirring them with ice.

Strain into the “burnt” cocktail glass and garnish with the lemon peel that you’ve first used the outside of to rim the edge of the glass.