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THE ENTERTAINING ISSUE - November December Issue 2018


by Wanda Baker


Canada’s unofficial, official flower, the bunchberry is now available on a Le Jacquard Français linen tea towel at Inspirati Fine Linens. Every detail on these towels has been carefully selected including 150 mini Canadian flags at the top, plus one on the bottom representing Canada’s 151st anniversary this year. The vibrant colours in this piece will not fade even after being in the dryer. With only a couple thousand printed, this limited-edition Bunchberry Canadian Flower Tea Towel won’t last long. It’s a lovely addition to any collection.
A beautiful way to preserve a memory or person is to have a favourite photograph transferred onto a special tapestry. Inspirati is currently offering custom work called Tap-s-tri, which includes special photos woven into their linens. Bring in a high-res black and white photo and they will transform it onto a table cloth, wall hanging tapestry or a linen of your choosing with some size limitations. Truly the perfect anniversary gift for your favourite couple. Custom orders take up to 3 months to complete so best to plan accordingly.
Bunchberry Canadian Flower Tea Towel & Tap-s-tri, $40 and up, Inspirati Fine Linens


If you are planning on entertaining this holiday season, you will want to check out the Charcuterie Kit from Luc’s European Meats. It’s full of gluten-free and wheat-free European meats, fine artisan cheeses and charcuterie condiments. Many of their sausages can be sampled before hand at any of their market locations so you know exactly what you are getting. The team at Luc’s is knowledgeable about their meats and educates you at every bite. All you need is a platter or wooden board and your favourite olives. Feeds approximately 10-12 people.
Charcuterie Kit, Luc’s European Meats, $38, Calgary Farmers’ Market, Granary Road Market, Crossroads Market


This year the Scarpone’s Family is celebrating sixty years in business in Alberta. As one of the first Italian families to lay down roots and set up shop, they have grown with Calgary and continue to expand their product offerings. New to Scarpone’s this year is their antipasto line. Carefully selecting and using only the best products from Italy, they offer up to 50 items including several varieties of olives, artichokes, mushrooms, cipollini, onions, and an Italian favourite friarelli. With too many items to list, we can say we’ve sampled a few them and we are definitely feeling the Italian love in this food


Handmade in Canada from ambrosia maple wood trees, these bowls by Stinson Studios are individually carved into a smooth, functional, food safe and unique piece. Don Stinson started his business in a 100-year-old horse stable in the 1980s and has evolved it into a family affair with both his sons working alongside him. These bowls are simply stunning and bring a touch of nature into your home. Fill them with ornaments, fresh baked buns, fruit or even salad.
Stinson Maple Wood Bowls, $80 - $360, The Compleat Cook


First invented in 1941, the Chemex coffeemaker has stood the test of time. This manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker offers high quality, heat-resistant glass. An attractive polished wood collar serves as an insulated handle around the middle finished with a quaint leather tie. When used with the Chemex brand coffee filter, you end up with a clear, pure, flavourful coffee without bitterness or sediment in about four minutes. Cover and store leftover coffee in the refrigerator for reheating, making iced coffee or adding to your favourite holiday recipe. Lovely to look at, easy to use.
Chemex Coffeemaker, Eight Ounce Coffee, $53.50


Weekend brunches are looking a whole lot better with the Norwegian Waffle Maker Starter Set from Torill’s Table. This set includes a 5-heart Norwegian style waffle iron plus 2 bags of Torill’s original waffle and pancake mixes. The mix has the good stuff too, it’s filled with almonds, flaxseeds, whole wheat and oats, plus it comes in a gluten-free version. We love the idea of thinner waffles allowing us to add more fillings and eat more waffles when we prepare those weekend brunches.
Torill’s Table Norwegian Waffle Maker Starter Set, $105, Alpine Sausage, Edelweiss Imports, The Italian Centre Shop, The Little French Market


With multi-purpose cookers being all the rage these days, along comes the Temp Tracker 6 Quart Slow Cooker from Hamilton Beach. You get a slow cooker, sous vide, poacher, the ability to simmer, braise, fondue and make yogurt plus more, all in one unit. You can even use the probe to maintain your food’s temperature for up to 24 hours. If you’ve always wanted to sous vide or fondue, and have no equipment, here’s the appliance for you. With Christmas right around the corner, this will be going on our wish list.
Temp Tracker 6 Quart Slow Cooker by Hamilton Beach, $99, Home Outfitters, London Drugs, The Bay, Walmart


The perfect gift idea any time of the year is a new knife, especially if you have a foodie in your life. The Masakage Koishi 120mm from Knifewear is a necessity in any kitchen and one of their best sellers. This Japanese kitchen knife is lightweight, compact and will keep an edge for a long time. It will appeal to those who do not feel comfortable using a larger chef knife. Find everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese knives in the newly released book The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives, by Kevin Kent. Kevin is the knifenerd behind Knifewear who takes readers behind the scenes with a personal look into the lives, skills and artistry of the blacksmiths who make the world’s finest knives. From forging and sharpening these knives, to choosing and collecting, discover exactly why so many of the world’s chefs choose to use a Japanese knife above all others.
Masakage Koishi 120mm Knife, The KnifeNerd Guide to Japanese Knives, Knifewear, $214 & $40

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