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THE WINE & BEER ISSUE -May June 2018

Gobbling Up Calgary's Great New Neighbourhoods

by Shelley Boettcher

When many of us think about where to find Calgary’s best eats, we picture more established neighbourhoods, such as Mission, the Beltline or Bowness.

But maybe you live or work in one of the city’s newer communities: Aspen Woods, for instance, Royal Oak, Seton or West Springs. Then you want to find delicious drinks and nosh a little closer to home. Or perhaps you just want an excuse for a culinary field trip to a new-ish corner of the city.

We know you’ll find big-box stores and massive chain eateries in many of these neighbourhoods. But you’ll also find smaller, independent gems, with fine eats and a friendly vibe.

With that in mind, here’s a short guide to kick-start your exploration. We don’t have every wonderful place here. Nor do we include every new community – time and space don’t allow it – but if you use this as a starting point and then explore, you’ll find your own go-to spots.

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