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THE ENTERTAINING ISSUE - November December Issue 2018


with Karen Ralph and Christina Appave

Following the time-honoured tradition of oral history, Christina’s Hakka-Style Stuffed Tofu has been passed from one generation of her family to the next, travelling from Mauritius to Calgary while staying true to its roots. The tofu is deep fried, stuffed with a pork mixture and then steamed. Depending on your crowd, estimate two triangles per person. It makes an excellent appetizer or unique addition to a many-coursed dinner. The stuffed tofu triangles are versatile and traditionally served hot. They are great cold with a drop or two of sesame oil, a lemon juice spritz and maybe some hot sauce like sambal oelek.

Leftovers can be frozen or made into a satisfying breakfast with the addition of fried eggs. Christina’s Hakka-Style Stuffed Tofu will enliven and enrich your cooking repertoire.

We used medium-firm tofu and firm silken tofu. Medium-firm tofu is readily available in almost every supermarket. It has a rough skin and dense interior, which makes it easy to hold and handle. Firm silken tofu can be found at Planet Organic and most Asian markets. Slick and delicate, this is superior quality tofu that demands a light touch. The block crushes easily and will crumble if handled roughly, but the flavour and texture are more refined than the medium-firm tofu. The end result is worth the effort.

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