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Summer in the City Palate - July August 2017

The Sunday Project: Planting Your Garden Pots

with Ellen Kelly

Nasturtiums make a terrific showing in mixed pots of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Both the flowers and leaves are edible and add a spicy peppery note to tossed salads. The flowers are brightly coloured, usually red, yellow and orange. The leaves are bright green or, in this case, variegated.

You can use just about anything as a planter. Having fun is the main thing. Just make sure there is drainage, especially if you plan to leave them out in the rain. Pots can easily become waterlogged.
Putting together an assortment of different vegetables, herbs and flowers makes an interesting planter. Planters can then be grouped with other pots or containers to create a lovely corner or display.
Before planting in your planters, arrange your new plants in their original pots to get a look at space and composition.

You can buy ready-mixed potting soil, or you can enhance your own compost with natural fertilizer, blood and bone meal, and more, depending on the needs of your plants. But don't fuss too much – again, having fun is the key.

If a plant is root-bound, massage the roots gently to loosen them before planting to give it a head start. It won't have to work so hard to get established.

When your plants are newly potted and ready for watering, water your containers thoroughly, until water runs out of the drainage holes in the bottom. Water when the top couple of inches of soil feels dry when you poke a finger in. Keep the young plants well watered during the first few weeks until they are well established.

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