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THE HARVEST ISSUE - September October Issue 2018

The Sunday Project: Spatchcock Chicken/Turkey

with Ellen Kelly

Spatchcock is an old-fashioned term, both noun and verb, that has recently come back into vogue. It basically means to butterfly, but refers only to fowl. A spatchcock chicken not only saves time – it cooks in about half the time of a whole 4 lb. bird – but if you’re pulling one out of the freezer, you’re almost done! Once mastered – and it’s so much easier than it looks – a spatchcock chicken will garner oohs and aahs from friends and family.

It’s equally perfect for a quick weekday meal or gussied up for company, marinated or not. Speaking of which, the marinade ingredients are limited only by your imagination. Furthermore, in the spirit of ease and convenience, there are lots of delicious bottled dressings and marinades out there. Now you have no excuse!

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